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Can I buy hessian bags?

Yes, click here to buy on line for next day delivery.

What are Jute Bags?

A jute bag is the same product as a hessian bag. Jute is the plant from which hessian is manufactured. The hessian is then woven into fabric and the bag is made from the hessian fabric.

What are hessian jute bags used for?

Examples of the uses for jute bags (or hessian bags) are to package potatoes and other root crops. They can also be used as a cover for delicate plants to protect them against frost or to protect garden ornaments during moving or storage.

Are jute bags biodegradable?

Yes, jute bags will quickly breakdown when buried in soil or normal landfill.

Where can I get jute bags?

Click here to buy hessian bags for next day delivery.

How much will a jute sack hold?

Our jute bag size 20x31" normally holds up to 25 kilos. Our jute sack size 23.5x43" normally holds up to 50 kilos. However for safe manual handling it is important that the bags are not too heavy.

Can hessian jute bags be printed?

Yes, we can supply printed bags subject to a minimum order quantity of 1000 bags. Please click here to advise us of your requirements. We will reply within one working day.

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